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29th CASS
Art of Sydney Awards 2019

Judged by Internationally well known  Artist Ken Knight

Congratulations to all our
Oatley 101 Award Winners........

Best In Show - "Hotel, Central Tilba" by Steve Jannar
Judge’s comments: “A strong and striking painting that demands attention. The artist has created
a dramatic and dynamic subject by not including the sky in the work. This allows the viewer to focus
on a small panel of landscape, travelling through the buildings, road and hillside in a satisfying flow
and ebb fashion. I very much liked the abstraction and suggested elements that continually engage
the viewer to respond to this painting. It captures a typical representation of a country town which is
uniquely Australian in both colour and feel. Strong authentic colours and a good tonal range, in
addition to the geometry of the buildings make this a deserving winner.”

Section One - Oil or Acrylic painted as Oil
Highly Commended
"Botanic Garden" by Renate Fischer
Judge’s comments: “This is one of my favourite paintings in the show. I love the artist’s technique which enables and allows the paint to flow and run, creating wonderfully abstract and lyrical passages within the painting .This is a painting rich in symbolism –it represents a real or imagined 'garden' with an emphasis on the poetic representation ... and the ethereal quality of Nature. It is a landscape filled with delicacy, beauty and mystery. It reminds me of a Bonnard painting with its strong decorative design.”
Section One - Oil or Acrylic painted as Oil
Highly Commended
"The Meeting" by Freda Surgenor
Judge’s comments: “This is a delightful painting with eye catching colour and strong Australian light.
It has been executed with great confidence and skill. The reflection in the water is particularly noteworthy and is well seen and painted. The dinghy leaning to the side and painted in yellow gives the painting richness and a tangible energy. It is a very satisfying painting to look at.”

Section One - Oil or Acrylic painted as Oil

"Lake Osoyoos Canada" by Elizabeth O'Brien
Judge’s comments: “This is a quiet and delightful painting, and very truthful to the light and feel of the actual landscape. One has a sense of calm and peace when you look at this painting, and I believe
that you would never grow tired of seeing this painting over and over again.”

4 Section One - Oil or Acrylic painted as Oil
"Pink Rocks" by John Wilson
Judge’s comments: “The artist captures the light and essence of the Megalong landscape remarkably well in this true to life impressionist painting. The painting is both dramatic and subtle, with an accurate rendering of reflected light in the shadows of the dominate rocks in the foreground.”
Section Three - Drawing and Mixed Media
"Nature's Gifts" by Trish Bennett
Judge’s comments: A delightful and compelling portrayal of an Australian hillside. I embraced the artist’s confidence and the bravura of the finished painting.
This painting demonstrates the adage “less is more.”

Section Four - Abstract Painting
"Reflections, Black Lagoon" by Joe Green

Judge’s comments: “This is an extraordinary piece of art, and made more interesting because of its mono chromatic nature.
I was fascinated by the artist’s technique and the imagery that has been revealed and articulated through a skillful application of paint. It is a work that reveals and offers up something new each time it is viewed.”
Section Four - Abstract Painting
"Intrigue" by Margaret Lacey
Judge’s comments: “This painting appealed to me on many levels. The colour scheme attracted me initially with the use of yellow and mauve being complementary colours. On further inspection the painting revealed much more with a seductive and magical world that goes beyond the superficial .
painting invites contemplation, it appears to be other worldly and is well titled.”

Section Five - Best 9 x 5 Painting
Highly Commended
"Gray Day, Billimari" by David Lake
Judge’s comments: “This is a faithful painting depicting a portrayal of an Australian landscape in low light.
The limited palette and truthful tonal values create a soft and romantic mood evocative of a nocturne.”

Section Six - Miniature Painting
Highly Commended

"Two Pears" by Cheryl Kirby
Judge’s comments: “I responded to the limited colour palette of this painting. There is a gentle
beauty and elegance that kept me coming back to this work. It reminded me of a small Lloyd Rees’
painting in its competent handling.”


The Finalists f  Section One
 "Katherine George"
 by Michael Dunn
f  Section One
  "Sylvania Waters"
  by Joe Green


  Section One
"Conwong Beach"
by Steve Jannar

Section One
"Early Light, White Cliffs"
by David Lake
Section One
"Leura Cliffs" by John Wilson
Section Two
"Goat Island, Sydney Harbour"
by Ian Holmes

Section Four
 by Margaret Lacey

Section Six
"Magic of the Landscape"
by Trish Bennett

                              All the photos of these awards taken by Freda Surgenor