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Joe talking about an investment painting

Demonstrations are held at the Society, 101 Woronora Parade Oatley NSW 2223
on the 2nd Saturday of each month, 2.00 to 4.30pm and include afternoon tea.
The fee is $8.00 for members and $10.00 for non members.
You don't need to book for this activity.

April 14th - Joe Green will discuss Investment Art

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Joe was born in Brighton-Le-Sands and attended Brighton Public School during the time of World War II.

During his school years he was always interested in music and art and it was put on hold while he trained
to make a living.  He attended Kogarah Intermediate High School and gained an apprenticeship in plumbing,
draining and gas fitting.

During this time he was conscripted into the Australian Army for National Service.  He was trained in the
Signal Core and became a driver operator of a jeep and a 62 signal radio set.  His interest in motor
vehicles was very strong.  He bought an MG-TF sports car and also during this time met his later to be
wife Susanne.  She had always been interested in art and music and this became an ideal partnership
reigniting his artistic interests.

He and Susanne opened a real estate agency and were also running a building business at the same time. 
As a qualified Auctioneer he has carried out many auctions of all types.

He and Susanne met art teacher Wally Chandler and upon his advice they joined the St. George Art Society
and eventually became Life Members.  Due to both having a great interest in art and antiques they opened
a gallery.  They attended antique and art auctions, purchased the works they could afford, put a reasonable
mark up in price and the pieces would always sell out at their shows.  They were also both members of the
NSW Postcard Society and Susanne produced designs for numerous postcards that were printed and
distributed throughout Australia and Worldwide.  Susanne was also featured in People Magazine due to her
ability to write ambidextrously and for her paintings.  She was also featured on A Current Affair on national
TV some years ago.

His interest in investment art and auctions began many years ago.  Joe and Susanne had been visiting their
friend Tom Mathieson and had been discussing the amazing and controversial bohemian lifestyle led by
Norman Lindsay and his friends.

This meeting inspired them both to become more involved with investment art.  They then attended most
of the major art auctions.  The purchases they made were very fruitful and always sold well.

During this time they met many great artists and interesting people – Arthur Murch, Sir Erik Lanker, Francis
Lymburner, Larry Pickering and many others including some of Norman Lindsay’s ex models – Rita Young,
Phyllis Hall and Pearl Goldman.

His talk will include highlights from some of the major auctions when Brett Whitley and Sir Arthur Streeton
paintings sold for record prices.  Also details about some of the more colourful characters in the art scene –
Tom Mathieson, Trevor Bussell, Ronald Coles, Tom Silver, Bob Bronius (King of the Cross), Bob Young
(art restorer and framer) and details about the stolen Norman Lindsay painting “To the Elect”.

He will have on display various interesting items and ephemera including hand written letters from some of
Norman Lindsay’s ex models.

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