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The People's Choice Award

At each Oatley 101 Gallery exhibition, we ask our visitors and artists to vote for their favourite painting.

The People's choice award for December is:
"Red flowering gum"

A lovely Watercolour painting by Shirley Hagarty


Shirley was born in Sydney.  Her interest and talent with paint and brushes took her first into a Showcard and Ticket writing career when she left school in 1956.  It was not until 1979 when Shirley joined an art class at a local Evening College that her ability to produce fine, detailed artwork became obvious.

Shirley is best known for her beautiful, detailed studies of Australian Native Flowers and Birds.  She uses predominantly black backgrounds for her paintings, on which thin layers of transparent watercolour paint are applied, and reapplied to achieve realism.   By using ‘darks’ and ‘lights’ against one another together with warm and cool colours a three dimensional effect is achieved.  This method of painting is extremely time consuming, but results show realism not experienced in photographic work.

In 1981 her paintings were being exhibited in Sydney’s suburban galleries, and in 1983 she was invited to exhibit in a two-man exhibition at Evandale, Launceston in Tasmania. She was invited to return again in 1984. 

She was Feature Artist at several Sydney Charity art exhibitions and in 1989 she participated in a two-man exhibition with well-known artist Ros Psakis at the Von Dorf Art Gallery.

Shirley was a founding member of the Oatley 101 Society of Artists in 1997 where she has held a number of committee positions, including that of Newssheet editor and President (2010).  Shirley is also a Life Member of Oatley 101 and the St. George Art Society.  At present she is Vice President and Publicity officer of Oatley 101.

Shirley played a major role in the Inauguration of the Combined Art Societies of Sydney in 1989, and in 1995 was elected to the position of President of the Society for several years.  Shirley currently holds the position of Vice President of the CASS.  

In recent years abstract art has become off great interest to Shirley and having produced several pieces her work has received commendations and been noted as a finalist in several CASS & '101' exhibitions.

Shirley has won several Awards for her flower work and has received numerous Commendations for her paintings.  She has tutored workshops for the Combined Art Societies annual ‘Art in Action’ weekend of workshops at Kurrajong, as well as workshops for the Oatley 101 Society of Artists. 

Her work may be seen in private collections in England, Japan, Germany, Sweden, U.S.A and Canada as well as throughout Australia.