Oatley 101 presents 3 exhibitions each year showcasing high quality paintings for sale to the public.

June Half Price Sale 
Annual Members’ Exhibition – (held in September) 
December Christmas Exhibition  

June Half Price Sale 2024

1st & 2nd June



was another great success for the Society with 36 framed paintings being sold for the artists and the unframed works just “walked out the door”.

Once again, we were not blessed with good weather, however the people who visited the exhibition came with the intent of buying a beautiful artwork and so the hall had an atmosphere of good fun with happy customers and artists.

The people who helped throughout the weekend setting up, taking in paintings and hanging them, assisting the buyers with information and help, working in the coffee shop and on the sales desk were wonderful again and the “pull down” was a large group of happy people helping each other to get the “job done”. What a fabulous effort from everyone!




December Christmas Exhibition 2023

The December Exhibition was a weekend of incredible heat peaking at 41 degrees. The wonderful members “soldiered on” to set up the hall and then worked so hard to make the event a success but unfortunately there were only 6 paintings sold.

Having said that, the weekend was very successful as a time for members to get together. The many volunteers who were working, and the members who came along to the Christmas Party, all enjoyed catching up and chatting and being together.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped over the weekend – the set up – the work through the weekend and the pull down. So many wonderful people and every one of them greatly appreciated.


Here are a few photos of the work exhibited, and of the members enjoying the Christmas Party, the Wednesday Painters Party and the group from Life Drawing.

Previous Event - Annual Members' Exhibition

Opening Night and Awards Presentations

Jill Hamilton with Judge, Anne Clarke

Our Presenter for the evening; James Walters from PRD Realty, Oatley

“Maso’s Best in Show” Awarded to Marlene Weaver for her painting titled “Shane”.

Judge’s Comments:

“A dynamic approach to the subject both in the background and the head. It shows a confident use of line and brushwork.

The transparent paint application in abstracted background is a good foil to the solidity of the head, and the overall impression is arresting, strong, energetic with a feeling of solidity and resilience. I love the quirkiness of the Stop and Go eyes (red and green).”


Comments by Group President, Jill Hamilton on Opening Night on Friday, 8th September.

And a few more images of our great Opening Night event.

Past Event


Which was held at the weekend was another Incredibly successful exhibition by our members.

The standard of the work offered in the sale was exceptional and the “half price” on all the works made the sales just brilliant.
This same high standard carried through to the unframed boxed works which also just “walked out the door”.

Congratulations to everyone involved in presenting this exhibition.

A very special thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make the weekend such a success.  Without them we would not have these wonderful exhibitions.

Well done to the artist who supplied the 127 paintings for hanging, and the many, many unframed paintings which were in the boxes.

Congratulations to the people who sold one of the 40 paintings that went to a new home.

It was a great time for the members and the community to come together at the Scout Hall and enjoy each other’s company. The members enjoyed chatting with the people and answering their questions about the paintings. All of this created a happy and lively atmosphere which continued through the whole exhibition and it was a pleasure to see everyone mingling together and enjoying drinks and nibbles at the end of the weekend.