Oatley 101 presents four exhibitions each year showcasing high quality paintings
for sale to the public.

▪ March Exhibition – early March.
▪ June Half Price Exhibitions – early June.
▪ Members Exhibition – held in the second week of October at the Masonic Club Mortdale Auditorium.
       (Our Members Exhibition for 2021 has been rescheduled for early in 2022).
▪ Xmas Exhibition held in early December.

As a Life Member of Combined Art Societies of Sydney, our members also strongly support the annual Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition.



Open from 10am to 5pm both days

1st Oatley West Scout Hall, 101 Woronora Parade, Oatley West


Oatley 101 are once again proud to showcase the works of their talented artists.

This exhibition is of an exceptionally high standard and I am sure you will enjoy looking at and purchasing the works presented.

Covid restrictions will be observed.


What a brilliant weekend we had for our June Half Price Sale and Art Exhibition.

The weather was glorious and the people were at the door early, and continued to stream through the Exhibition all weekend.

The work presented by the members was the usual high standard and with the prices slashed by 50% there were lots of fantastic paintings to be had at fabulous prices.

As the red dots continued to appear, and with the queue at the Sales Desk going back to the door, the atmosphere in the hall rose and the members enjoyed a vibrant and exciting weekend together.

The final sales result was 43 framed paintings and 83 unframed paintings sold. These sales were across all of our members which makes it even more satisfying.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the weekend and congratulations to everyone!!!!

Oatley 101 were delighted to welcome our local Member for Federal Parliament Mr David Coleman to the hall today as we prepared for our weekend exhibition.  David has been a constant supporter of the Society and it is always a pleasure when he takes time from his busy schedule to visit us.

We enjoyed talking with him and appreciated his best wishes for a successful exhibition.

Art of Sydney Awards Exhibtion 2021

Awards presented to our Oatley 101 members

Best in Show - "Moody Morning, Capertee Valley" by John Wilson

Judge’s Comments;

The Best in Show has been chosen from many fine works as one that, of course, displays accomplished skill in handling the medium as one would expect, yet has a quality that makes it especially appealing. And that quality is the use of linear perspective that carries the viewer off into the distance coupled with colour perspective that uses hue saturation in such a beguiling manner. The hero of the scene is probably the craggy mountain etched against the sky, but as one becomes absorbed in the picture the delicate wisp of smoke from the house asks the viewer to rethink their involvement in the scene. All figurative painting carries a narrative. With this piece the artist uses multiple messages, sub-plots if you like, that revolve around each other and involves the viewer in an experience than goes beyond the first glance and rewards contemplation”

Other Oatley 101 Winners under the 6 Categories:

SECTION 1 - Delaney Kelly Award for Oil or Acrylic painted as Oil

Second Prize - "The Diggings, Lightning Ridge" by David Lake


Judge’s Comments;

A painting that breaks the rules of composition with contempt yet invites our contemplation of the subject using rhythm and hue changes with masterly arrangement. The saturated sky colour is bold, nearly sweet, but is offset by the powerfully painted grey mid-values in the foreground. A great example of a painter who knows how to change the rules and has the skill to pull it off

Highly Commended - "Studio Props" by Julie Brown

Commended - "Sydney Summers" by Catherine Harry

SECTION 2 - Combined Art Societies of Sydney Award for best Water Medium

Commended "La Maison Rose, Montmartre" by Trish Maclachlan

SECTION 4 - Delaney Kelly Award for Abstract Painting

Winner "Composition in Green" by David Lake



Judge’s Comments;

“This work boldly tackles the Green dilemma. Although the longest band in the colour spectrum Green is often avoided by artists wary of its power and effect on surrounding hues.  Here it is used assuredly by a masterful painter, cleverly mixing it with complements and analogous colours to give the work vibrancy and a sense of rhythmic patterning throughout”

SECTION 5 - Delaney Kelly Award for Best 9 x 5 Painting

Winner "Evening Pastoral" by David Lake

Judge’s Comments;

“Appealing colour scheme, added to an unusual composition and shape gives this piece a quality that is evocative. This is an atmosphere that is more easily achieved in larger works where the artist has more room to move. The fact that it has been captured here with such minimal treatment is a testament to the quality of the painter”.


Commended "After the Rain" by Diana Garth

Winner "Stirs the Heart" by Trish Bennett

Judge’s Comments;

Well composed and boldly painted. With limited room to move this artist has kept the composition and colour scheme simple and effective”.

Second Prize "Juliet" by Mara Marston-Boni

Commended "Moored in the Bay" by Freda Surgenor

Judge’s Comments;

Rubenesque in appearance, this small work appeals for how much the artist has managed to express with such a small study. It is full of character and suggests an intimacy between the sitter and the painter that is very appealing



“Welcoming Rain”
by Diana Garth

“Boiled Egg at Grandma’s” 
by Marlene Weaver

“Road to Fullers Place”
by John Wilson


“High Mountains Snowgum”
 by Narelle Scott

“Invigorates my Soul”
 by Trish Bennett

 by Jane Wray

“Tidal Surge” 
by Isabella Kwiatkowski